Android update of 5 Vikings just been released!

Long awaited update of 5 Vikings just has been released!

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What’s new in this update? Well, we’ve been working on it for the last 6 months and it is huge!
New Act3 is available now! 5 new cool Levels (40 levels in total)
-Introducing Trading system: now you can get the Resources (glass, wood and stone) while battling Moorlocks, and then trade those for Gold!
-Introducing SHOP system: cool Perks, Odin’s Rage and soon Advanced Weapons!
-Introducing GooglePlay Achievements and Leaderboards! Unlock achievements and challenge your friends
-Introducing Social Sharing: Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
-New refined NGUI menus and navigation
-Fixed some bugs (device orientation, etc)
-A lot of different improvements: in-game Sound, FPS, Panels are now handled by database – your choice will be remembered next time you play 5 Vikings


What are you waiting for? Get it now! :)
FULL Android version on Google Play


5 Vikings is a 2D physics based, arcade game set in ancient vikings time. Five brave Vikings against the army of Moorlocks!