Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions.

Q: Where can I buy 5 Vikings game?

A: FULL version is available for iOS on the Apple Store and for Android on Google Play, Samsung Apps and Amazon


Q: Is there a free/demo version of the 5 Vikings game?

A: Yes, there is a FREE version of 5 Vikings for iOS and Android available.


Q: How many Levels will be in the 5 Vikings game?

A: First release has had 25 Levels over two Acts (act2 is currently incomplete). We are planning to deliver about 100 levels in total!


Q: How many weapons will be in this game?

A: There are 4 (four) different weapons at the moment: Thor’s Hammer, double-sided Axe, Spear and Morning Star. The fifth weapon – Fireball will be available in some of the upcoming releases, together with brand New Levels!


Q: How can I help to improve 5 Vikings game?

A: We always appreciate all feedback, comments and suggestions. Feel free to submit your comments here!


Q: What new will be in 5 Vikings game?

A: This is classified information :) .. but we are currently working on some cool features and New levels to make our game even more fun!


Q: When Act3 – Act5 will be available for playing?

A: There will be one more Level for Act2. The New Levels in Act3 will probably be released in september 2014. Act4 – some time during autumn 2014, and Act5 has no release date yet, but probably in 2015! Stay tuned..

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